About us

About us

Hi, my name is Levi Molini. I have been a proud resident of Owasso Oklahoma since 1993. I graduated from Owasso High School in 1999. I then received a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern State University in 2004. Upon graduation I began a career in insurance as an adjuster and worked in that capacity for 18 months. I have been an agent now for 8 years, all with AAA.

I believe that my experience in adjusting was instrumental in educating me on the broad landscape of what insurance is. I learned from a first hand perspective why people need insurance and how some people can be misled by their agents just for the sake of a sale. Through the process of helping families work through their claims I learned the fundamental concepts of how insurance works and what coverage is essential in protecting you and your family from possible catastrophe. I now use this knowledge to my advantage and try to educate my clients to the best of my ability when I talk to them about their insurance policy.

While you should always try to educate yourself on your insurance policy, the fact still remains that price is a very important aspect of which agent you choose. AAA has been a leader in providing affordable rates and roadside assistance for over 100 years. I find great joy in being able to save families hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars on their insurance.

Like myself, you have dreams and aspirations that you would like to achieve in your life. Do not let a catastrophe or high premiums hinder you from achieving that dream. I invite you to put your faith and trust in my agency to take care of your insurance needs so that you may be worry free in this area of your life!

I sincerely thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to helping you out with your insurance needs and establishing a personal relationship with you!
-Levi Molini-